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Womb Circles

Join us in circle to grow, learn, and share.


What is Circle? Circle is a gathering of womben in a sacred space. We come together in support of each other and to integrate our lived experiences. We are guided by a chosen theme and the foundational principles which include a shared oath of confidentiality and the right to choose how you show up. You are welcome here just as you are. 


What happens in Circle? Circle is a powerful group gathering that is guided by your facilitator, Emily. When we gather we will review the principles, share in song, and have a themed practice. The practice will be chosen with hopes of enriching your understanding of and experience with the theme. It may include a meditation, journaling, breath work, or embodiment practice etc. There will then be time for those that wish to share, to share their reflections. And then, just as we open with song, so too will we close with song. 


We know that some may not be ready to sing or share in circle, and that is ok. You are, as has been said before, welcome here just as you are.

Who is invited to circle? Womb circle is open to all womben. Circle is for womben with and without wombs, and circle is for womben of all ages. Circles specifically themed for young womben, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause etc will be offered throughout the year. 

Circle traditionally meets virtually.

Special in-person sessions will be posted periodically.

Meditation Class
Breathing Exercise
Image by Miguel Bautista
Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

* Circle is not therapy, but many find it to be a healing and enriching experience. 

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