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These testimonials are excerpts from thank you letters, emails, and anonymous class surveys. 


“The birth of our first child can only be described as amazing!  Blissborn helped throughout the whole birth, and made the process absolutely wonderful.  My husband, my sister and Emily were an unbelievable birth support team. They were essential in keeping me calm and relaxed throughout the birth.  We put several techniques I learned from the class together and used them throughout labor, many of which we reviewed with Emily prior to the birth.  Emily was a great support, from her helpfulness during our Blissborn class, our meetings with her prior to the birth, and at the birth which turned out to be 26 days prior to our guess date.  We are truly happy to have had her at our daughter's birth and as a part of our story.”


“...We wanted to thank you for the classes.  They were extremely helpful during labor and [my Partner] did an

amazing job as well!”


"This is our third birth, but I have never felt more prepared, as a birth partner... And it isn't because it is our third time around.  Your class has been eye-opening.  Thank you."


Emily is "easy to talk to, great at building rapport, knowledgable, supportive, and non-judgmental."


"When [my partner] and I decided to take the Blissborn classes, I had no idea the impact would be so great and successful.  What and how I experienced labor and contractions was incredible... I simply cannot thank you enough for all you've done, especially being right by my side throughout the whole process."


"Emily, you have a gift."


"Thanks so much for working with me on all this, it really was a great help."


"You have such a natural teaching ability and I really enjoyed the classes I attended... I recommend Blissborn to every pregnant woman I meet."


"We wanted to be sure to write and thank you.  Your class helped us so much and in my opinion may have saved us from realizing some of our worst fears... We wanted to share our story and our unbelievable success with the help of the Blissborn class.  [Mother] and baby are perfectly healthy and happy."


"You've been such a gentle support... I think the work you do is amazing."


"Thank you again Emily for all your support. Words can't explain how thankful I am for all the kindness you have shown my family."


"We are so thankful that you were able to be here with us... you helped me more than I think you will know.  The Dr. also said how amazing you were... She told me that if I had taken the epidural, I would have had a c-section. As hard as it was, I would do it all over again for him... thank you so much for your help."


"You were invaluable... thank you, Emily!" 


" I wanted to let you know that [my partner] and I LOVED class 2... I was amazed that [my partner]  was taking his role seriously and doing so well... I really feel like this class is bringing our marriage and relationship to a whole new level, and I am so thankful that you are teaching us."

"We cannot thank you enough for everything that you've done. You have been such a positive part of us brining our daughter into the world. We will be forever grateful to you."


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