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Why choose in-home childbirth classes?

There are so many reasons to choose in-home childbirth classes. We've outlined a few below, but perhaps you've already identified why this is the right choice for you.

  • Convenience

Planned around your schedule. In the comfort of your home. Slippers, tea, on your own cozy couch- it is entirely up to you!

  • You value relationships

In-home childbirth classes are more personal than an internet download, and more time-sensitive, convenient and comfortable than traveling. Your relationship with your educator will be just what you need it to be. Your educator, Emily, is warm and approachable. You will see, as you come to know her, that she is a good listener and an excellent resource well into the postpartum period.

  • You value preparation

You've either done quite a bit of research yourself, or recognize that sometimes it is important to relegate and delegate tasks to others. Blissborn has been around for more than a decade and there are hundreds who have come before you to sing its praise. Blissborn is everything you need for a better birth experience. Labor positions? Birth plans? Anatomy and physiology? Birth considerations? Yes, it is all part of our incredible curriculum.

  • You value a meaningful investment

In-home classes may be more expensive, but you are willing to pay more for a trusted resource that will cater their instruction to the needs and circumstances of you and your partner/husband/doula.

At One Love we regularly travel between Boston and Providence. And, truth be told, we've even trekked up to New Hampshire and down to Connecticut. This is a unique class and a unique opportunity. Allow us to support and prepare you for the arrival of your little one- it would be our honor!

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