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Preparing for a Homebirth with One Love

Does the Covid pandemic have you considering new and different birth choices? Are you one of those who is newly considering a Homebirth? One Love would be honored to support you in preparing for a birth at home. Our founder and principle educator birthed both of her children at home, and has supported many of our past students with their homebirths. We have a lot of experience and comfort with birth at home, and we would love to support you as you piece your birth story together.

How we can help you prepare for your homebirth:

  • introducing you to powerful mind-body based comfort measures that truly work!

  • support in processing any fears you have about pregnancy, birth and beyond!

  • releasing limiting beliefs about what birth looks and feels like!

  • powerful, practical guidance for birth partners!

  • support with birth plans, labor positions and creating the perfect birth space!

  • ... and so much more!

We can even support you in connecting with some of the outstanding homebirth midwives working in our community.

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