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Mind-body comfort for pregnancy, birth and beyond...

Preparing for the arrival of your little one is an exciting and important part of your transition into a bigger family. You know this and you are eager to prepare yourself and you partner for the journey ahead. Blissborn goes beyond physical comfort measures and prepares you for the emotional experience as well.

The skills that you will learn through Blissborn will elevate not only your birth experience, but your pregnancy and postpartum weeks and months. In fact, these techniques can adapt to support you throughout life.

Our curriculum focuses on teaching you tried and true mind-body comfort techniques that are based in hypnosis. The techniques that you learn will serve you well physically and emotionally throughout this special time of life.

Curious about hypnosis? You aren't alone. We know that most students arrive to class with an understanding of hypnosis that is limited to the world of entertainment. You will easily move beyond this understanding as you start to explore the natural state of mind that affords you the ability to release limiting beliefs about birth and connect with the center of instinct and intuition within you. We look forward to sharing this beautiful class with you!

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