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In-home childbirth classes, at any time of the day

One of the greatest perks of choosing private childbirth classes is that classes can take place in your home at a time that works for you. We know that coordinating schedules can be challenging, and that adding a childbirth class to an already busy schedule can be quite the feat! Working from home? Or working on a less traditional work schedule? We make it easy.

Our in-home classes can be scheduled weekday mornings, afternoons and evenings. Saturdays fill quickly, and Sundays can be arranged when needed. Don't see the availability you are looking for on our online booking page? Feel free to be in touch. We are happy to accommodate another timeframe when we are able.

*Early mornings and Sundays are available by special request.

*One Love services communities between Boston and Providence, but know that we are happy to travel beyond these parameters when needed. Additional fee for travel time may be requested.

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