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Group Classes this Winter!

Warm wishes to all this New Years Eve!

There are wonderful classes and opportunities coming up through One Love.

Consider joining us on Friday mornings from 9:30-10:30 for Grounding and Relaxing. This wonderful, flexible self-care opportunity is an open ended self-care program. Arrive, get yourself situated in our studio space. Pull up a chair, roll out a yoga mat (yours or ours), or grab a meditation cushion. Emily will guide the group through a short relaxation exercise. Everyone is then invited to transition into their own self-care practice (journaling, reading, quiet meditation, stretching, coloring, a cup of tea). Around 10:20 the group will wrap up. Take a few minutes to gather your things, consider talking with Emily about your ambitions during grounding and relaxing, mindfulness or your own meditation practice. It feels so good to share space like this- Looking forward to seeing you there!

Also coming up is our Winter Blissborn group class! On Sundays from 4-6P we will be meeting at the One Love office inside of Harmony Chiropractic in Plainville, MA. Blissborn is everything you need to know for a better birth experience. Learn mindfulness and hypnosis based comfort techniques. We go over anatomy and physiology, birth plans, labor positions and much more! This is a great class for any expecting couple! If this is your first baby, we would love to see you there! If you are preparing for a better birth experience, we would love to see you there! VBAC? Yes, please join us! Homebirth? Hospital? Birth center? Yes, yes, yes! We welcome all to this wonderful opportunity.

If you are unable to make it to the group class because of a schedule conflict, please consider a private childbirth class. Private appointments can take place in your home or in our office. We can cover the entire Blissborn curriculum together, or steers towards one of our 3 hour classes. Interested in something in between? We will make a custom childbirth class for you, and come to your home!

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