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Breech Rotation Hypnosis: Safer and Effective!

Research confirms that using hypnosis to turn your breech baby is safe and effective!

Hypnosis is natural and non-invasive... you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Two groups of one hundred expecting women whose babies were presenting breech (inverted/head-up) were monitored in the study. All women were 37- 40 weeks pregnant. One group received hypnosis as often as possible between the start of the study through to the birth of their baby. The other group did not receive hypnosis. The result? An astounding 81% of the babies in the hypnotic intervention group converted to vertex presentation! ( 12/1/19 9:00P EST)

As I so often say... Every thought has a physiological response! We would be honored to use our expertise to support you in turning your breech baby.

Online scheduling can be done here. If you would like to talk more about the process or inquire about additional availability, we welcome your call, 508-783-2530. In-person, in-home, in-office, and virtual appointments are available. We look forward to supporting you at this special time!

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