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A Different Birth Experience

So much of what we know about birth comes from made-for-tv-drama. In these scenarios, birth is always abrupt, painful, and handled as an emergency. There is panic and screaming. I’m pretty sure an image or impression comes to mind as you read this. This is the sole perspective that is shared with most women. But, did you know that birth can be different?

Can you imagine responding to each contraction- each surge of energy- with calm relaxation? This melts away the tension that works against the body’s natural inclination, which is to soften and open up. (HypnoBirthing suggests imagining an “unfolding” of the body, and I love this re-framing.)

Can you imagine turning inward to that space where instinct and intuition reside so that labor and birth can unfold more comfortably?

Is it possible to feel strong and empowered as you come to see each contraction as reassuring? Yes. Each one is a sign of progress- and not inherently painful. Women all around the world give birth comfortably and naturally, but we don’t hear those stories nearly as often. We don‘t see those movies.

At One Love, we know those stories. We have that birth footage. We know those that have birthed with greater calm, confidence and comfort, and we would love to make these introductions for you. All this takes place within the Blissborn classroom. ❤️

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