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Custom Recordings

Your time is valuable, but you know that your journey could use more support. Powerful support that will truly make a difference. I'd love to introduce you to an option that will work for anyone. Custom recordings.

Private recordings are directed by the input you share with us. You let us know the topic and duration, and we put our expertise to work to create a recording that is available for you to listen to as you are able. We will guide you into trance and support your intention through carefully crafted language that is designed for optimal absorption by the subconscious mind. (This is where we make the deepest most impactful changes to thought patterns.) You have so much to gain, we hope you'll be in touch soon.


If you'd like to order a custom recording, you can contact us here.

All recordings should be listened to at a time and place conducive to deep relaxation. Never listen to a recording when driving.

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