Birth Hypnosis

When people hear about hypnosis for birth the last thing I want them to be thinking about is probably the first scene that comes to mind… a stage of “sleeping” individuals who are asked to speak alien, act like chickens or behave in an all too often cringe-worthy fashion.

No. No. No.

This scene is hypnosis for entertainment. I want to take a big fat eraser and wipe out that scene and paint one of mind-body connection… wellness… clarity and balance. Hypnosis is about suggestion. It is about using the language of the subconscious mind to make beneficial changes. With birth, I see the mind as a canvas for emotional and physical comfort. And that is exactly what hypnosis for birth is like. And that is exactly what every laboring woman needs. Far too many of us have learned to come to birth with fear and trepidation. However, there is an incredible opportunity to connect with the beauty of this life-changing experience without fear, and often as a consequence, without intervention use.

Birth hypnosis provides comfort and so much more.

One of the most important things to understand about hypnosis for birth is that it isn’t enough to just check into class weekly. Perspective is helpful, and you can definitely walk away from class with the a new understanding of the mind-body relationship and greater confidence in your natural ability to birth, but just like so many other important life skills practice is important. The more you practice, the more powerful the suggestions of comfort become.

Practice isn’t daunting, and it is most definitely something that any individual can make time for if they are open with their instructor about their practice habits and available time. Furthermore, regular practice is going to produce the same results that one would receive from a regular meditation practice- physical and mental rest and rejuvenation, greater clarity, and consequently better productivity. A hypnosis for birth class can easily lend itself to a positive meditation or mindfulness practice that influences all realms of your life.

Practice is