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Dream On Infant Sleep Classes

Dream On Sleep Classes at One Love Childbirth

At One Love we are incredibly excited about this fall class opportunity. In just a few weeks we will be hosting Jenn from Crunchy Mama Doula for a very valuable infant sleep class. The 2 hour class is called Dream On, The Art and Science of Infant Sleep. During her time with us, Jenn will cover:

  • Normal Infant Sleep Patterns

  • Myths vs. Realities

  • Ensuring Safe Sleep

  • Parenting to Sleep Tools

  • Tricky Times and Sweet Spots

  • Healthy Family Balance

Class will take place on Saturday September 30th from 10-Noon at our Mansfield Office. The cost of the program is $50. Partners are welcomed, as are infants 16 weeks old and younger.

Questions? Please send them our way!

Registration is limited, secure your spot online today!

One Love Childbirth is located at 1705 West Street, Mansfield, MA.

See you there!


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