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New Office Opening Soon!

We are very excited about this Fall! In just a few weeks our new office will open it's doors to it's first Blissborn group class! We have a bit more to do before I post pictures, but I trust you will keep an eye out! With about 500 sq ft of space and an en suite bathroom there is plenty of room to accommodate everyone comfortably.

***In addition to formally opening the space to clients, we are also transitioning from "One Love Childbirth Services" to "One Love Childbirth and Women's Wellness." Our aim is to provide more private and group classes and workshops to women navigating the transitions of life.

We are in a constant state of growth and change and through these times we need to be attending to our personal needs- physical, emotional and spiritual.

Private and group appointments will be available to support women with all-natural, healing, mind-body wellness practices like hypnosis, meditation and visualization. We aspire to sponsor workshops and presentations from additional practitioners and educators as well. More details to follow!

The new office is scheduled to open it's doors October 16th. Private appointments will be available on Friday afternoons, with additional hours to follow. Private in-home appointments are available evenings and weekends.

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