Postpartum Healing and Wellness

Wellness is a not a final resting point, but instead a continuous direction in which we should direct our lives. Regardless of our birth story, there is so much physically, emotionally, and spiritually that we pour into our birth experience. The days following the birth of our little one(s) is a time for bonding, nurturing, and restoring. Nine months of constant change have culminated in a new life, and a lifetime of changing and adapting lie ahead.

A postpartum hypnosis healing and wellness session is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge all that has been, and bring calm, coinfidence and healing to all that lies ahead. Postpartum healing and wellness sessions happen on your timeline... be it a day, or months after the birth.

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Hypnosis can be an effective coping and re-balancing tool for women suffering from postpartum depression; however, we ask that you discuss your options with your primary healthcare provider. We are happy to provide additional information upon request.

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