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Hypnosis for Turning Breech Babies

Hypnosis for turning breech babies is remarkably successful, and yet gentle enough to respect that the baby's positioning may be indicative of an unidentified preference. Research tells us that hypnosis for turning babies has a success rate of 82%*. In the final weeks of pregnancy, ideal posturing of the baby entails that the baby is "bottom up" with its head resting in the pelvis, and the spine of the baby following the curvature of the mother's pregnant belly. The legs are folded at the knee and the baby's chin is tucked in to it's chest. It it quite common for the baby to assume different positions throughout pregnancy. However, as one reaches weeks 35-37, if may make sense to begin encouraging the baby into the ideal position if they haven't done so already.

If your baby is breech and you are interested in using hypnosis to encourage repositioning, contact me today. Typically, I suggest planning to meet 3 times, although successful outcomes may be achieved in just one session.

*Statistic from

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