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What will you wear when you meet your baby?

I will never forget the night my midwife wore her very special, sparkly sequined jacket to our childbirth class. (I think I remember most classes because she always added her own special touch to the topic of the night.) On this particular night I felt like she opened my mind to a consideration packed with potential power.

That night she had us thinking about what we wanted to wear in labor, and consequently what we wanted to wear when meeting our baby. (And, no, I don't think this is necessarily superficial advice- read on.)

What will you wear when you meet your baby?

What we put on our bodies seems to magically transform us at times. You probably agree that most of us dress a bit differently for date night, versus a work engagement, motorcycle ride, or a trip to the gym, and the reason for it can extend well beyond its obvious function. Dress can enhance a certain vibe that we are going for. What we wear can make us feel more comfortable, maternal, powerful, or beautiful (however we choose to individually express these energies).

So, when you are working so patiently with your body to bring your baby into the world, what do you think you'll wear? Something athletic that reminds you of how strong you are? A cozy robe that exudes opportunities for eventual snuggles? Your partner's shirt? A colorful wrap?

Your choice can of course change, and there is always the possibility that your outfit just won't be a priority once labor begins. But, thinking about this question ahead of time does get us thinking about the energy that we want to bring into the birth space- perhaps an energy that we hadn't thought to include previously.


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