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What is Blissborn?

Blissborn Natural Childbirth

classes teach self-hypnosis techniques to expecting women and their birth partners. The lessons empower mothers to trust their bodies and their innate ability to birth their baby. I often describe Blissborn’s hypnosis portion of the class as guided meditation sessions that use all of one’s senses to heighten one’s state of relaxation. The truth is, the classes are more than just guided meditation. Through the use of hypnosis it is possible to make meaningful and longstanding change to how our bodies anticipate and ultimately birth our babies. In class, students learn practical skills that support the creation of a better birth experience. Our students (mothers and their partners) look forward to class because they are so relaxing and empowering! For many, it ends up being a peaceful, mutually inspiring date-night. I hope you will consider joining us! To register online for group classes visit

Each of the 5 classes builds upon the previous lesson. They are titled as follows:

  • An Introduction to Self Hypnosis

  • Practical Skills for the Mother and Partner

  • Facing Down Fears

  • Tame Labor Pain with Your Brain

  • Putting it all Together

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