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On Hiatus for the Winter

This program is... on hiatus for the winter. Please check back.

A meditation and restorative self-care opportunity as unique as you.

This program is exactly what you need to bring more calm, confidence, clarity, and balance to your life. 


The flexible design of this program exists to support you in creating, cultivating and maintaining a meditation-based self-care practice that is easy to commit to, and just right for you


We will come together on Friday mornings at 9:30a to share in a progressive relaxation guided meditation. Naturally, the mind and body will transition into a clearer, more harmonious balance. We call this the focusing. Once the group has been guided through the focusing exercise, all will be invited to transiton into a restorative practice of their choosing. This may be quiet meditation, meditative coloring, journaling, a personal yoga practice, or a quiet cup of tea. At 10:15a our programmed time together will come to a close. Participants are invited to take their time gathering their things and transitioning into the rest of their day. Those that are interested in staying and talking about their experience are welcome to come forward. We welcome your questions and would be happy to celebrate and support you and your journey. Our time together formally concludes at 10:30a. 


  • When? Friday mornings 9:30a-10:30a

  • Where? The One Love Office at Harmony Chiropractic, 25 Messenger Street, Plainville, MA 

  • What to bring? Consider bringing your own yoga mat (or borrow one of ours), a mediation pillow, your favorite throw, a journal, or simply come as you are. Chairs will be available as well. 


  • Registration? Pre-registration is appreciated, but walk-ins are welcomed.


  • How much is this program? This class is donation-based. If you want to be here, we want to have you with us, regardless of ability to pay.  Consider the value it brings to your life and what you are comfortable contributing to the continuation and development of this program and future programs. Cash, check, and PayPal welcomed.


  • Who? As a general guideline, we expect that this program is best suited to those 16 and older. All genders are welcomed to this event.


We welcome your inquiries and comments. Please feel free to be in touch.

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