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Understanding Hypnosis and Frequently Asked Questions


Hypnosis is a mind/body healing and wellness modality that can be used to positively influence and redirect subconscious thoughts and thought patterns.  Hypnosis is commonly regarded as a therapeutic and enjoyable experience marked by intent and selective focus, and feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Who can be hypnotized?

Any intelligent human being who is willing to be hypnotized can be hypnotized.



What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

Have you ever had the experience of day dreaming while driving somewhere? Perhaps when you arrived at your destination the sense of time that had elapsed seemed vague because you were so focused on your thoughts? You know that even though you were so intently focused on your thoughts, that if a situation presented itself- a stop sign, a pedestrian, another car slowing down- you would respond in a manner that would keep you safe.  This experience is often called "highway hypnosis,"  and in many ways, this experience is very much like a clinical hypnosis experience.  In hypnosis you have intentent and selective focus, and a distorted sense of time.  For many women, this is of great value when laboring and birthing their babies.



"I don't want to lose control or do something that would otherwise be out of character for me."  

Rest assured, you won't.  Hypnosis entails agreement.  If a suggestion is shared with you that seems uncomfortable or incongruent with your beliefs or values, you simply won't allow the suggestion to influence you.  Your conscious mind will step in to keep you safe.  



Will I remember my birth experience?  

 Yes, you will.  Your memory would be much like it would be without hypnosis, except you will find that your self-hypnosis skills help to keep you in a more comfortable, relaxed state.  



When should I begin my Blissborn Natural Childbirth classes?

That is entirely up to you!  I have seen women come to class in the early weeks of their pregnancy with plans to use the self-hypnosis techniques learned in class throughout their pregnancy, and I have had students who have enrolled in class in the final days of their pregnancy.  To make the most of the tools we share with you in class, I would suggest beginning the class by the 28th or 32nd week of pregnancy.



Does my partner need to come to Blissborn Natural Childbirth classes?

A partner has an important role in the Blissborn Natural Childbirth program.  Please contact us and we will discuss your options if your partner is unable to attend classes.  Private, individually designed sessions are available. 



What information is covered in the Blissborn Curriculum?
Blissborn is a 5 session curriculum comprised of the following classes:
Class 1: Discovering Self-Hypnosis

Learn the secret to profound relaxation that offers no resistance to labor, and how to reactivate it with a simple word prompt. Experience the power of visualization.


Class 2: Practical Skills for the Mom and Partner

Moms need lots of support in labor! Partners become hypnosis coaches and learn about what REALLY helps moms. Practice staying in hypnosis while walking and opening your eyes. Learn about birth anatomy, terminology and phases of labor. 


Class 3: Birth Without Fear

Fear is a message from the deeper mind, expressed in the body. Learn to identify fears that could derail an otherwise satisfying birth, and transform them into calm and confidence. 


Class 4: Tame Labor Pain with your Brain

Learn the secrets of the mind that have allowed people for thousands of years to reduce sensations in their bodies and suffering in their minds. Practice different ways to control sensations in hypnosis. 


Class 5: Putting it all Together 

Put together all of the skills and information from the first four classes so you'll feel confident and excited about your birth. Develop Birth Preferences, learn labor positions and pushing stage strategies.  Partners practice their "duties" and special hypnosis techniques. Look beyond birth to your plans for the baby. Learn how to use hypnosis to speed healing, jumpstart breastfeeding and get by on less sleep. In hypnosis, create the blueprint for the labor and birth you desire. 


Have you ever worked with women looking to have a vaginal birth after a caesarean section (VBAC)?

 I have worked with many women who are planning a VBAC, and there are many wonderful stories to share!


What information is covered in the 3 hour Private Childbirth Class?

The 3 hour Private Childbirth Class gives you the foundational tools necessary to support your mind and body in labor and birth.  You will be given tools that you can put into practice immediately so that you respond to the sensations of labor with greater confidence and comfort. The three hour class also provides the birth partner with information and skills to best support the laboring mother.


Who is the HypnoFertility session designed for?

Fertility sessions can be for women or men, although most often sessions are one-on-one appointments for women.

What can you use hypnosis for? 

At One Love, we specialize in women's health - fertility, perinatal, and general wellness hypnosis. Hypnosis can be used for behavior modification, overcoming fears, improving performance (sports, professional, and personal), changing biological patterns and rhythms, creating feelings of wellness and empowerment, and much, much more.  If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us.





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