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Nurture Mind, Body, and Spirit 


for You

You are not alone in aspiring for something more and recognizing that much of what you are seeking rests within you and is awaiting an opportunity for expression.

Gentle, encouraging companionship and support for your journey is exactly what you will find in session with One Love.

Safely and naturally tap into your inner wisdom and your vibrant creativity to manifest the life, the pregnancy, or the birth you desire.

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Hypnosis, visualization, and meditation are holistic healing and wellness modalities that successfully usher in authentic vitality of mind, body, and spirit. In addition to these practices, we offer both energy work and companionship for all chapters of life.

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Time Sensitive Sessions

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Meet virtually, in-home or at our Wrentham Office

(508) 783-2530

225 Industrial Road, Building 4, Wrentham, MA

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